8 steps to get a job for which you are not really qualified

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Have you ever seen a job posting you really wanted, but for which you may not be entirely qualified? Here is how to convince a potential enployer and yourself you are perfect for a position:

Prepare for the Interview: Being prepared is more important than job knowledge,  skills and experience.

Tailor yourresume: Think creatively about how the experience you have relates to the job you want. Bullet aspects of your previous jobs relevant to the position you seek.

Get an Interview: The hardest part of getting a job for which you may not be the most technically qualified applicant is getting an interview.

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Conduct yourself professionally.

Be confident: Focus on why you honestly believe you would be good at this particular job. Make a list of reasons beforehand. If you have confidence in yourself, you are more likely to convince the employer of your ability.

Be up-beat: A positive attitude  will show the interviewer you are a can-do person.

Be likeable: We all want to hire and work with people we like.

Be informed: Know about the company and the business before you go to the interview. Know what they expect you to do for the company.

Ask intelligent questions: There is always more to the job than what can be said in an ad. As you find out more about the job, you may discover job functions for which you are more qualities and you can direct your focus on them.

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Be open to training: If the employer is willing to train you for the job, demonstrate enthusiasm about learning new things and a willingness to put extra time and efforts into training. If you are a quick study, now is the time to mention it.

Make the interview a starting point. If the job is not something you are qualified to do, ask to leave your resume with the company or ask if there are similar opportunities at a lower level. If you appear enthusiastic, intelligent and committed, your intervene is more likely to offer suggestion to help you break the field.


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