Fasting is ordained for all Saints- Bishop Oyedepo

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According to the Cleric, fasting is commanded for specific purpose to destroy the works of the wicked and restore destinies. He added that God through fasting, believers enjoy all round breakthrough and victory from oppression.

He listed the benefits of fasting to include;

* The battle over your health is finally won today
* You will never lose a battle anymore.
* Fasting is a weapon for believers to exercise their dominion over wickedness

Give God thanks for seeing the end of this month.
Give Him thanks for the marvellous things He has done since the year began.
Give Him thanks for His good hand upon your life.
When you hold the key to a door, it obeys you, it opens up to you.

“Lord, I must return with the key of open doors today.”
“The key of knowledge” (Luke 11:52). Revelation is key to all of our inheritance in Christ. Revelation knowledge is key to all that belongs to us in the Kingdom of God.
Prayer: Lord, help me to catch the key that opens all doors in this service today.

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Thank You again for taking us all through the month of January and it is all ending today: receive our thanks again in the name of Jesus.
Thank You for the covering we have enjoyed since the year began as individuals, as families, as a Church: receive our thanks in the name of Jesus.
We are here today at your feet, let no one return without an encounter! Let everyone of us return today with the master key of open doors in our hands.

Every commandment of scriptures is ordained for our profiting (2 Timothy 3:16). Fasting is commanded for specific benefits as we have tried to examine from Isaiah chapter 58 verses 6 to 14.
– To loose the bands of wickedness: the forces holding your life bound;
– To let the oppressed go free;
– To break every yoke.
That’s enough.
– The glory of the Lord shall replace every shame around your life.
– It facilitates answers to prayers (Isaiah 58:9)
Amazing things packaged into the mystery of fasting. It’s not just something we do: 21-day prayers and fasting. Church Gist It is a weapon in the hand of believers to exercise their dominion over the wickedness of the wicked as we go through this wicked world.
– It impacts on your seed after you (Isaiah 58:12). As a pace setter: it enhances the manifestation of our pace setting destiny in Christ (Matthew 5:14). It is for our profiting.
Have you heard in your Bible that God ate?
“and God ate” – have you ever found that? You can check when you get home because I know people here are real researchers.
“That God went and ate; by the time He came back, He began to talk to them”
We are not fasting for God: you are fasting for yourself. Church Gist
Prayer and Fasting is a weapon of victory over the battles of life.
– You will never lose a battle anymore.
– The battle over somebody’s health is finally won today.
– The battle over your career, your family, your children is finally won today.

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Jesus said, in response to those who were questioning Him, “why are your disciples not fasting?”
He said, “well, you can’t make them fast when they are attending a marriage ceremony but when the bride groom is gone, then shall they fast in those days (Matthew 9: 14-15; Mark 2:19-20; Luke 5:33-35).

Fasting is ordained for all end time saints. Jesus went up on Mount Olive, now fasting began as He left. He was fasting for them when He was here; after He was gone, they had to fast for themselves.

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