Apostle Suleiman doesn’t own a jet, he is a deceiver, Nigerian man alleges

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A Nigerian man simply identified as Samuel Peter has given 5 reasons why he thinks Suleiman doesn’t own a private Jet:

1. There’s no Habour and Hanger for Private Jet in Benin City Airport.. No Private Jet Stations there.

2. Suleiman does not live or reside in Benin but Auchi.. Infact, he has a head Pastor called one pastor Azeme Azena handling his Benin Branches, so how does he fly his jet.? From where does he take off? Is there any Airport in Auchi?? Or, does he take off from Kogi?? Does Kogi Own an Airport??

Meaning for him to fly his Private Jet for instance from Edo State to his wherever destination he’d have to drive 1hr 30mins by road first from Auchi to Benin City Airport??? Is that not silliness or stupidity to think of ? Who do una Brain like dis?

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3. Can Suleiman even afford the cost of demurrage or parking fee at any airport to sustain and park a jet?

4. Can he even afford to fuel a Jet with Jet-fuel?

5. Can Suleiman afford to Pay a Jet Pilot constantly and monthly?

Stop living in fools Paradise Mr..
Tell Suleiman I said he should repent from his false, fake and Sinful life and false calling, otherwise, the hammer of God is close on him.

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