Have you heard? Emmanuel Emenike’s wife, Iheoma Nnadi sets to leave her marriage

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Rumour has it that, this couple’ marriage is about to crash due to irreconcilable differences…

Though, the Identities of the couple wasn’t revealed by the blogger in her post below. But from the clues she gave, it’s obvious she’s talking about Nigerian footballer, Emmanuel Emenike and his ex-beauty queen wife, Iheoma Nnadi.

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The Wedding was the talk of town, especially as it looked it..he hesitated and the news was agog that it would not hold….It held and had the trappings of everything beautiful and the Naysayers had no choice but to hide their faces in shame.

Rumour has it that the Naysayers are laughing again because this Union has hit the rock and the one who kicks the ball until he gets it into the net is not aware…

According to the Rumour mongers, the light skinned beautiful partner who has a peculiar title is now the delight of plenty because she is tired of the union she has with the one who kicks the Ball…..One Amebo says he no longer kicks and has retired to life as it used to be but this time with money.

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These two have kids but madam has eyes outside and has made so much money from looking outside and has paid half money for a posh house somewhere in case he asks her to leave because the wahala every day at home is too much.

Her account runs into Millions and she has several that Oga does not know about…An Olofofo showed me Bank alerts of over 40 million sent in batches by a lovestruck sugar daddy who has been picking bills left, right and center like an ATM machine….The alerts came in N10million, N7.5million, N2.5million etc.

Madam always complains about Oga ”I am very happy without him, when he comes now no peace of mind, everywhere wahala and no sleep”

She also confided to friends that oga pushed her to the arms of others because she is always looking for peace outside …

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Oga is referred to as ”that stupid man” and their marriage referred to as ”that stupid marriage”.

Rumour has it that this beautiful lady with a peculiar title has checked out from this marriage emotionally but is being held back by the kids…

The Olofofos say that during lockdown of 2020 when madam was having a ball with them..she denied a second birth and removed all evidence from her Instagram page, unfortunately oga didnt delete…….

This Madam is very beautiful, some say she is very rude and snobbish and that her beauty got to her head but that’s none of their business oh…..

Dark skinned Oga ”God with us” according to Olofofos did not make matters any easier as he took to Eastern Nigeria to erect a mansion and wants to spend all his time there when Madam is a babe that belongs to civilization and the good life that he is attaching conditions to before he provides….

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When a woman begins to be overly generous and calls oga names to her friends and spends time coding and hiding things from him,I wonder what will happen to the Union, especially as Oga is allegedly not one you can have a good conversation with as he turns every none issue into an issue…

After all the whisperings, I told the Olofofos that Marriage is not easy and some people do not know how to handle the stress and storm that comes with it…..

I ended up asking the Olofofos..” So you allege Madam dey do up and down dey collect correct cash, Is Oga Innocent”?.. My question has not been answered.

May ‘Good things’ only happen to you this Friday and may ‘God be with us’ all

This story is a Nollywood script in the making and does not refer to any real life Character..

*Drops Mic*

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