Every time you are sick, your word level is low. When you feed on the Word, sickness cannot hold you bound

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Pastor David Ibiyeomie at Salvation Ministries, Home of Success on the Topic “Communion For Healing, Health and Wholeness.”
Text: Exodus 15:26.

As children of God, healing is our birth right. In medical science, every drug has an expiry date, so does every sickness has expiry date. 2nd Corinthians 6:2. Luke 11:3. God has made provision for your healing and health. God will not postpone your healing till tomorrow, 2nd Corinthians 4:17. Any affliction, any disease, any sickness that stays more than a while is a curse.

Any disease that has stayed for long, Christ has redeemed us in Jesus Name.

As a Christian, healing is your heritage. Exodus 15:26.

There is a way people talk in the world that if you are not careful, you will accept it. Do you know that when people are pregnant, they say part of the signs is swollen leg, swollen foot. It is not correct. When children have teeth, they say they should have high fever and people accept it because that is what happens. The blessing of the Lord maketh rich and added no sorrow. God blessed the Children with teeth so they should not have high fever. When there is harmattan, they say it’s normal to have cold, it is not normal otherwise Fulani men should be having cold, yet we see them with their stick moving around, they don’t sneeze.

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What ever afflicts you today, be released in Jesus Name!

Faith is the master key to the restoration of your health. Matthew 9:28-29.

If you must enjoy sound health, it is transmitted via His Word. God’s Word is what brings His healing. Psalm 102:7, Luke 5:17.

– The Word of God has creative powers. Genesis 1: 31, Hebrews 11:3

To enjoy sound health, you need to have understanding of God’s Word.

The Word of God can replace organs.

Receive new body parts in the name of Jesus. Every organs that was removed, receive new ones in Jesus Name.

– God’s Word has medicinal and curative power. Proverbs 4: 20-22.

There is no incurable disease before God’s Word. Isaiah 58:8.

When you pour God’s Word in you, darkness has no place. Disease is darkness.

Psalm 119:130. Every time you are sick, your Word level is low.

When you feed on the Word, sickness cannot hold you bound.

Don’t wait to be sick before you read Bible, read Bible before sickness come, so sit with the Word before sickness comes. God’s Word is reproductive, it reproduces after its kind.

When I was sick and almost died, I just got up and said, “Now I am healed!” and that was the end.

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It was an attack, that’s why I tell people, no matter what happens, don’t think. There was a boy living with me, he was attending Olumba and later gave his life to Christ. When he gave his life to Christ, he was always afraid. I told him not to be afraid. Later he died.

When he died, I began thinking, why would this boy living with me die? I was no longer reading the Word, I was using all my reserve to think, Satan saw that I was no longer studying and struck. Death came face to face. I sat down with the Word. Reinhard Bonkke prayed for me, everybody prayed for me and it didn’t work. I said everyone leave, I sat down with the Word. I ate Bible, I didn’t get up from my seat. I sat with the Bible and the express of faith. I ate the two from morning till 5pm, atmosphere charged, I was so loaded . I come out and say “Listen, I am well! Give me food.” This is someone that has not eaten for a week.

Sit with the Word oo, Pastors can pray with you but you are the one facing your problem. The least they can do is lay hands on you.

The knowledge of God’s Word gives you light and makes you immune to sickness.

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– Communion gives you strength, health, vitality and longevity.

Illustration of the Blood and Body of Christ:

This is your human blood, this blood can be afflicted with Cancer, Hiv, Corona Virus and then Jesus said, whosoever drinketh my blood and eat my flesh has my life in him. And then we are trying to take His blood into our human blood, which means He is transfusing His blood into us, so our blood becomes His blood. Can His body carry sickness? Even if sickness is there and His blood comes in, can it stay? Can any diabetes stay in His blood? Can any Covid-19 enter His blood? So the communion is flesh transplant and blood diffusion. So whatever is not in Him cannot be in me, even if it was there, when His blood comes, His blood swallows it up.

Pray: Whatever is in Jesus is also in me, anything that is not in Jesus cannot be in me. Only what is in Christ is permitted to be in me as I partake of the Blood of Jesus.
John 5:54- 55, 6:54.

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