Why Men of God should not flaunt their prosperity

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From Dada Oluoma

I like to mind my business, but some businesses just won’t stay away from my mind. My take on this?

Wealth and financial prosperity in the hands of pastors(of all denominations) is a previlege and not a right. They must never be flaunted or ravished by the pastors. Phil 3:7-9 contradicts such attitude.

Men of God should use as much as possible for their well-being and maximum comfort, that’s all. The excess must go to charity. It’s a luciferian spirit that will drive a pastor to boast about acquiring objects of extreme luxury. Didn’t Gal 6:14 say “God forbid that I should boast of anything else except the cross of Jesus Christ”.

Before we were told that private jets were neccessitated by the busy schedules of the ‘highly sought after’ men of God. Now what explains the ownership of 2 and 3 jets? Does a man of God need 3 Jets to fly same time?

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Maybe his body flies in one to UK for ministry, then his soul flies in the other to US for another ministry and his spirit flies in the third to Japan for another ministry, nonsense and ingredients.

There is no biblical justification for even the acquisition and indulgence on extreme riches and wealth in the midst of lack by ordinary people not to talk of pastors.

Mighty prophets like Moses, Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah, Jeremiah and the rest that pastors quote copiously and claim to share the same ‘prophetic unction’ with were never wealthier than their people or flaunted wealth.

In the New Testament, Our Lord Jesus Christ and the apostles didn’t court wealth or luxury despite the anointing they carried. Their teachings and actions are diametrically opposed to the flamboyance and supine luxury we are proudly flaunting these days as pastors.

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To those of you who will come to me with that “touch not my anointed” mantra or “leave judgement for God” save it, I’m neither touching nor judging your anointed biko. I’m just analysing the issue mbok.

It is not my business anyways how many jets and loads of cash any pastor has, I don’t give them my money. But once anyone uses the bible to justify it, then you have made me a plaintiff in the case.

It’s fine to say a pastor was gifted any piece of luxury to enjoy or that he acquired them to enjoy and the people he pastors don’t find it to be a problem, that’s cool.

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All of us must not share same views or admire same things or even aspire for same thing. You may like and admire a pastor who flaunts wealth, that’s fine.

I admire the pastor who doesn’t. I admire and aspire to be like the one who sold a Lamborghini gifted to him for millons of dollars and gave the money to charity.

Which of them is justified and supported by scripture is what I will wrestle with you if you dare go that route.

N.B. This is an expanded version of a response to someone who tried to justify pastors living in and flaunting affluence

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