Relationship Tip: How not to go back to your Ex

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There are People who will only begin to love you when they are about to lose you or have lost you.

Do not be fooled by exes trying to get you back, especially when you are now in a happy relationship.
Some of them are village people.

You are with them, they will not appreciate your worth, they will not listen or take corrections, they will not make effort to make the relationship interesting or comfortable for you, they’ll be misbehaving anyhow maybe because you love them, they think you can’t leave, some will not stay faithful, and then one day, you’ve had enough, and you decide to take a hike.

By God’s grace you move on, you’re forging ahead, you are happy and more focused on your life, you may even enter into a healthy relationship, and suddenly, that is when their senses will reboot,

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And they come crying with “I want you back”

“give me another chance”

If there’s anything I’ve learnt from my small years of relationship counseling, it is that majority of problematic/abusive exes hardly change, some actually do, majority don’t. Going back to an Ex is always for the wrong reasons.

They miss you, you took their nonsense that no one else will, you were good to them, and they didn’t realize that, after dating one or two bad people, the scales fall off their eyes, they suddenly understand what they lost, they miss you, and want you back, but no where in this equation do they actually realize their own mistakes and want to change, it’s all about getting you back..

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You were not happy with them, they see you are now happy and progressing without them, your happiness and progress attracts them to you once again like moths drawn to a flame.

A changed Ex doesn’t NEED to get you back, they can change for and be good to their next (If they truly changed) especially where you are now in a relationship.
Don’t end a relationship to return to an ex.

Never forget why you left.
If that thing hasn’t been resolved, don’t go back.

Don’t accept “please come back, I’ll change gradually”, all the time you were with them was enough for them to have changed gradually if they wanted to.

I’ve seen ladies end relationships and go back to ex, and then suffer the same thing (abuse, neglect, emotional torture etc) that they were suffering when they first left..

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I’ve seen people go back to an ex, break up, move on, go back, break up, and go back again.
The story is the same.
It’s called a vicious circle. That’s stagnation.

Before you go back to an ex, take a good look at them, have they changed?

I’m an advocate for second chances, but you see third chances with abusive and cheating partners in a relationship, pfft.
Even that second chance self, especially if you have moved on with your life, please move on..
Let’s stop going back to Egypt.

Forward Ever……

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