5 things that slowly kill Nigerian men

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Here are 5 things that are slowly killing men without their knowledge

#1. Eating too much.

There are some conditions that can trigger you to eat more than your body needs. Some of these conditions are depression, boredom, stress, etc. Eating too much makes your body absorbed excess nutrients that your body may not need at that time. Some of these excessive nutrients can be fat, glucose, protein, etc. Too much of these nutrients increases the risk of some health conditions like diabetes, obesity, etc. Excess protein consumed is usually stored as fat, while the surplus of amino acids is excreted. This can lead to weight gain over time, especially if you consume too many calories while trying to increase your protein intake. You should learn to eat moderately to avoid developing disease that may be life threatening.

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#2. Having too females partners.

You may think you are enjoying life with too many female partners. This lifestyle is a negative one and can lead you to physical, emotional and medical problems. Such relationship will get you confused and will increase your chances of contracting dangerous diseases like STD/STI. You should be very careful of the girls you have sexual relationship with and always wear condom if you must have sex..

#3. Going the wrong way to make quick money.

This is now a trending lifestyle in the country. Many youths are too quick in making money, they want to have their own cars, houses, etc, at a very young age. Most of them have gone into child trafficking, drug dealing, rituals, cyber crimes, etc, just to make it in life. These things are things that shorten the lifespan of an individual. You may be rich but won’t enjoy what you have. Life is never easy and it is a gradual process, don’t be too in a haste in being success. To survive if have to think big and think positive.

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#4. Excessive smoking and drinking

You should know that too much of everything is bad. There are lifestyle that is worth changing because of the negative effect that it can cause you. Excessive smoking and drinking encourage wasteful spending and also effect the performance of your body system. It can cause you serious health problems like cancer, diabetes, liver and kidney problems, heart disease, etc. These are diseases that may be fatal in most cases. You should limit the amount of cigarettes and alcohol beverages you consume daily. This will help you lower the risk of serious health conditions.

#5. Not saving

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Some guys are fond of using all they have without thinking of what may happen next. As a man you should learn to save. It helps you in facing the challenges of life that may come in future. There are problems that may pose as a threat in your life. These problems may be one that requires money to solve but having no money may make it get worse. Such problems could be illness, hunger and starvation, children welfare, etc.

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