Why getting married to a pastor is not a tea-party

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Do you think it’s easy to marry a pastor? Do you think it’s bread and butter? Oh because they said gone are the days when pastors suffer,you now think it’s all about fried rice and chicken or about the name “Mama”

A pastor’s wife is an auto mechanic that fixes the damage part of the husband,
She is the pastor that pastors the pastor behind the pulpit, she is the power house of her husband, to be called “Mama” is sweet but can you carry the cross that goes with the name?

Being a pastor’s wife is not a PRIVILEGE but a CALLING, it is either you’re called by God or by your husband, A pastor’s wife is called to ministry to help meet her husband’s calling, dream purpose mission and vision,

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The fact that he’s a pastor doesn’t make him a perfect man, he’ll make mistakes, he might fall,he’ll face shame and disgrace, sister are you ready to carry his mistakes as your trophy?

Ma there’s going to be wilderness experiences in the midst of the enjoyment are you ready to go through the flames of fire with him so that enjoy his fame? Are you ready to be part of his story so that you can wear the crown of his GLORY?

Pastors,Apostles,prophets Bishops are all titles, behind this names is an imperfect man who have many mistakes he can’t open up in the public, are you ready to be his secret keeper?

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If as a pastor’s wife you’re not a praying machine, you’ll become a prey in the hands of your predators

Before you answer “Mama” be ready to be a mother to the pastor you want to marry, listen it is what you give him in the house that he’l deliver in the open/public, if you give him peace of mind, he’ll preach with ease and function well, But when you give him war,even when the unction to function is available he’ll be struggling to manifest.

It is painful to know that many pastors fail in the ministry because of the lady they marry, the fact she sings well or she is beautiful doesn’t mean she can birth your purpose,calling and vision.

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It takes the eyes of the spirit to know who is who.

Remain Bless

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