How I used Chin-Chin to name my second son- Bishop Oyedepo

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Founder and President of the Living Faith Church- Winner Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo has revealed how he named his second son explaining that guests were only served Chin-Chin at the naming ceremony. He stated this at the church service tagged: Operation ‘Who is on the Lord’s side?’

The Cleric said he inquired from the Lord what the child should be called and Jesus said the child be named “Jesus pays me” meaning “Jesugbemi” in Yoruba language.

“When our second son was born and I said, “Jesus, what will this child be called?” Among other things, ‘Jesugbemi’ – Jesus pays me. We did the naming with Chin-Chin. You know Chin-Chin, you just take one because you don’t use food to name a child, they use mouth. ‘Jesugbemi ohhh’. Now it’s time living in the Church office but ‘Jesus gbemi ohhh’. You can be laughing me to scorn, that’s your problem. You have a right to your own opinion but “Jesus gbemi te mi ohh” (Jesus pays me). The choice is yours.

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“I came down from Madagascar one day, about 7 hours of flight and hit the road to Ota area for my outreach. I got some boys playing football, then I waited for them to round up.
“They said: Papa, Papa.
I said: Come on here. Ministered to them at their level, led them to Christ. Now, they were in Church on Sunday.

“‘Jesugbemi temi ohh’ (Jesus pays me ohhh). I don’t know whether the English has the right word for it, the best I can say is what I have said. If you know better English, you can use it. The one I know is that Jesus pays me, I am satisfied with Jesus, He is doing me well. Jesus is doing me well. There is no soul winner that does not have a future. Get that right. He that winneth souls is wise and the wise shall inherit glory.”

Bishop Oyedepo urged Christians to be steadfast in the Kingdom race as they have been called as watchman to deliver people from the kingdom of darkness.

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“Life is a race, a marathon race. People keep dropping along the line. Help me Jesus, not to drop off the race. The prize is not determined at the beginning, not at the middle, not one quarter to finish, the prize in any race is determined at the end. Help me Jesus to hold on, always to the end, at every phase of my life. Help me to hold to the end at every phase of my life.

The rise of your star is been contested but you are not aware of it. All stars in scriptures were heavily confronted by the enemy. Think of Moses, the devil wanted all the male born to be killed when this star was born. God shielded him.

Think of Joseph, he was at the verge of being killed by his brethren when God stepped in and said, “don’t let us kill him, let’s sell him and make money. That’s better and let’s announce that he is dead.” That is the custodian, the breadwinner of God’s people on the earth.

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Every star is always confronted, you better get ready for a fight. Get ready for a fight!!
You saw Daniel. What? The first plan was let all the wise men be destroyed. God stepped in, Heavens intervened, Daniel was their rescue agent.

Will Daniel escape like that? Let’s make a law against his God, we know he won’t agree then we can kill him.

When the Star of stars came, His name Jesus, He said, “I am the bright and morning Star”. You saw what Herod did. Come and tell me where He is so I can go and worship Him, I will kill Him today. An angel said, “don’t pass through that way, go somewhere else.” He was to be destroyed. So the devil is after Kingdom stars and you have been redeemed as a star and there is what to do for your stars to emerge. Stand your ground!

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