Video: Mentally unstable Slayqueen narrates how she was used for ritual and deported to Nigeria

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In a viral video trending on Social media, a mentally unstable Slayqueen was seen narrating how she was used for money ritual.

According to her, one ONWA who was a drugdealer is responsible for her predicament.

She was sighted in Osogbo roaming the streets and begging for #3, 000.

A Facebook user, Nelly Jasken Okoro who posted the video said that she was able to get her attention after promising to give her #3, 000.

She wrote:
My heart is still bleeding i met ds young mad girl ds noon by d ATM in jabi roaming around with clean accent nd good English…ppl were snobbing her while she begged fr money to eat…

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What caught my attention wx whn she wx shouting ONWA betrayed me, ONWA used me fr ritual,,,i called her immediately nd she responded, willing to tlk to me if i would gv her 3k nd i accepted which i eventually did cos she doesn’t even know where she stays after much questioning… obviously ds girl has left d shores of ds country bfr then something went wrong.

I don’t even know if ds is spiritual or mental case right now…but ppl around says she comes there everyday saying (ONWA betrayed me)…

My darln young ladies, not all dt glitters is gold, start somewhere small nd watch it grow nd flourish….hard work pays nd God honours it at d appointed time…stop allowing ds heartless men of d underworld ruin yr colourful destinies…no matter d hardship, say no to a fruitless relationship dt may end yr life untimely…may God gv u d grace to stand d taste of time ij

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