My Mother Kneels To Greet Me – Pastor Blessed Agochukwu Boasts

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The Head Pastor of Shekina Arena Gospel Ministry International Gospel Agochukwu has made a shocking revelation about his mother.

According to the pastor, his mother kneels to greet him.

He also said his wife knows when to switch roles from endearing name-calling to calling him ‘her father’.

In a Facebook post, he advised people to respect grace and call upon a man of God because that is what will make them be rewarded.

However, netizens didn’t find this stance palatable as they insisted his pride as on his mother’s gestures are dishonorable.

He wrote:

“My wife knows when to switch from calling me my baby to my father, from my husband to my man of God. To those who are familiar with us what we wear is clothing but to someone else it is called a mantle.

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”There was a day my mum knelt down to welcome me to her office and her colleagues asked her not to do that again but she said “I am his mother physically but he is my spiritual father”.

”She told them how she gave birth to me in a crusade ground and how a dove entered the church on my child’s dedication day. From that day her colleagues became converts to partake in my anointing. they began to testify from my prayers.”

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