2023: Those Days Of Bullying Southern Nigeria Is Over

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The meeting of the Southern Governors, and the fighting words and belligerent tone of their communique, is a serious warning to an overbearing presidency, and a usually condescending North that the much-touted restructuring has come on its own and has come with full force. If the North reacts with the usual braggadocio, it may lose many key allies and thus shoot itself in the foot.

The North knows its grip on power is as a result of having willing allies in the South and Middlebelt. This is why Buhari could not win elections until he secured the support of some States in the South.

Those days of bullying the South into submission by a presumed and false assertion of numerical strength may have finally expired. The end of the tunnel is approaching fast and we are moving away from darkness as a new dawn approaches. The light is about to be lit!

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– Dele Momodu

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