Edo 2024: 30 Million naira nomination form can’t scare me away from guber race, Omega pastor Azemhe boasts

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From Moshood Karim

Dr. Azemhe Azena, a pastor of Omega Fire Ministry and a frontline aspirant on the platform of the Labour party, on Wednesday made it known that he is still in the race for the 2024 Edo governorship primary election and is fully prepared for the contest.
Speaking to his supporters, Dr. Azhemhe expressed his determination to run for the number one position in Edo State and reassured them that he will not back off, no matter the amount for the expression of interest and nomination form.
The high cost of the expression and nomination form has been a matter of concern for many party faithful and aspirants, with the Labour party pegging the cost at thirty million naira.
However, Dr. Azhemhe is of the opinion that the amount should not scare anyone who wants to govern the eighteen local government areas of the state and over five million people.
He believes that the ideology of the Labour party is meant for the commoners, the low income earners, and the civil servants, and anyone who wants to run for the governorship position should focus on this aspect.
“I am not backing off from the governorship election. I am not even running, I am flying now. I started with running, but now I am flying. After the primary election, I will now be soaring to another level. Although based on the policy of the party, everybody expected the money for the nomination form to be lesser than that amount. But, to everyone who wants to run for the governorship position should not look at thirty million as a big deal.
“For somebody who wants to govern the eighteen local government of the state and 92 wards and over five million people and being scared because of 30 million naira shows the person never really prepared. But me, I am only saying that being the labour party that we know, that is, the ideology of Labour party, we understand it is meant for the commoners, the low income earners , the civil servants.
“No human being on earth would have expected it to be lesser. Nevertheless, whether any political party put his form at a billion naira, whosoever wants to run will run.
“I Dr. Azhemhe Azena, the very true son of the Oracle, no amount of money that will chase a lion out of the forest. It is the king of the forest. I remain the king of this race.

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Dr. Azhemhe who was at the airport to welcome his wife, Lady Precious Azhemhe, who arrived in the country from Italy after giving birth to a baby girl expressed appreciation to God for the safe delivery.
Dr. Azhemhe shared his joy with supporters and well-wishers on her arrival to the country, and expressed his gratitude to God for the safe delivery of his wife and baby girl.
The Man of God also thanked his family, the ministry he belongs to, and the crowd that celebrated with them.
“A lot of people may think it is the arrival of the baby we are celebrating. We are celebrating the life of my wife not the arrival of the baby. What was contended was not the birth of the baby, it was the life of my wife and we are doing this today to shame the Devil.
“The people you see here today are here to celebrate with us not that they don’t have anywhere to go, but instead of us to be crying which the Devil meant for us. We are here smiling telling the devil he is a fool, that he can do his worse but God can do his best. And I have already compose a song to shame the devil. ‘He think say I go cry. He see say I no cry… yah, yah’…”
Mrs. Prescious Azhemhe, who had a challenging childbirth experience, also expressed her gratitude to God for the miracle of her safe delivery. She thanked her husband, family, and the ministry for their support during the difficult period.
She said: ”It wasn’t easy. I just want to return all the glory to God. I want to thank my family, my husband and the ministry I belong to especially the crowd here for celebrating me and not coming to pick my corpse. I am alive today standing by God’s grace. It is a testimony. I am really surprise to see them and I deeply appreciate them. I thank God that what the enemy planned God turned it to be a thing of joy.”
The couple later visited the Faith Mediplex Hospital on Airport road, Benin, where Mrs.  Azhemhe was initially receiving medical attention before seeking medical care abroad, to thank and appreciate the management for their services.

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