A lot of believers do as if they know more than the Holy Spirit and they are paying dearly for it

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From Pastor Korede Komaiya on “The end of helplessness” at Master’s Place International. Isaiah 41:14

It is never the will of God for a believer in Christ to be running helter skelter looking for help. When God’s help answer, what destroys others assist you in spite of challenges and situations. Remember the flood that destroy others floated Noah. The fiery furnace became sudden air condition for Shedrach, Meschach, and Abednego that earned them Dominion in a strange land.

The hungry lions that naturally would eat their prey became a pet to Daniel. The help of God located Joseph and made him the Prime Minister in a strange land. Stop saying people hate you. God’s help is all you need. The help of God is the cure for tribalism. When God’s help answer, you are given little time but your result will be exaggerated. I want many of you to know that what you really need is God’s help. It is the cure for starvation and frustration. It is the answer to all the woes of life. The help of God ends retrogression. There is no enchantment or divination that can work against you. No one amounts to anything great without the help of God.

Everytime you see fear, help is the cure. The more the fear, the more it shows you are not depending on God’s help. The beginning of help is “Fear not, trust totally in God”. Your fears are signs that you are trusting something else apart from God. The help of God is sure. It cannot fail neither can it disappoint.


It is the help that is instant and constant. It is able to exceedingly and abundantly over all that you ask or think according to the level to which you trust in it. The help of God is what turns your efforts into great result. In Christianity, help is a person. The Holy Spirit is our accredited help. Help is never outside of you, it is on the inside. The challenges with Christians is looking for help outside, and not inside. With God’s help, you can never be stranded. My sons that followed me to Night of Glory can testify. I didn’t ask for questions, I didn’t ask for what they will say. When you know the helper, you don’t have to premeditate what to say. I can’t go for an interview and I will fail. Can God answer man and God get zero?

As a guy, it is a shame to tell a lady that you want to marry her and she says No, except you are a playboy and she is not your wife. Even when I was an unbeliever, I can’t talk to a lady and she will say No. My presentation alone might make you urinate or defaecate on your body. There are guys here now, seven names of lady in one year. What are you looking for up and down? What kind of life is that? Direction is the mother of distinction. The Holy Spirit guides with accuracy and precision.

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It is not by your size, it is by the size of God’s help. The Holy Spirit is our helper. John 14:16. As a believer, you cannot work with a boss and he or she will not like you. It is not possible. You have the Holy Spirit in you. With Him, you cannot be stranded, frustrated or be mediocre. When the grace sees something in you, you will be dangerously helped. Until you recognise the helper on your inside, you will remain helpless.

The beginning of help is recognition of the Holy Spirit on your inside. Stop going to prophets for vision. Somebody messaged me two years ago and said “One of your biological children were under serious attack. I smiled and encouraged Him. He now said, I now know that nothing can happen”. If your confidence is normal and natural, you are not operating at the frequency of the Holy Spirit.

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Your strength, innovation and creativity should be supernatural. Help is not far from you. The problem is you don’t recognise the helper. If you don’t know how to relate with Him, you will be stranded. You must commune with the Holy Spirit. he has feelings, that is why he can withdraw even though he is on your inside. A lot if us do as if we know better than Him and we are paying seriously for it.

How to get closer to the Holy Spirit
1). Develop a personal relationship with Him.
2) Intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit
3) Partnership with the Holy Spirit
With these keys, you will see things. Your soul, Spirit and body will be empowered. The Holy Spirit doesn’t do anything of Himself except God the Father tells Him through God the son. Acknowledge Him, you will never be helpless.

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