COVID-19: Osun Releases New Guidelines Amid Second Wave

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sThis blog reports that as a result of the spike in the number of people who have tested positive for Covid-19 in the State of Osun, it has become imperative to release the following set of guidelines to enforce non-pharmaceutical safety protocols aimed at protecting its people against the virus:

1. Social Events and Gatherings:

a.) No social events can hold forthwith without the approval from the government.

b.) These special phone lines: 0813 508 1156 and +234 8187187678 have been released through which those seeking to hold social events may apply via WhatsApp.

c.) No social gathering (having obtained approval) can have more than 50 participants

d.) All applications for social events must show commitment that the organisers will strictly adherence to the new guidelines.

2. Religious Gatherings:

a.) No religious gatherings should exceed two hours per time of gathering

b.) Vigils and crusades are banned till further notice.

c.) Religious organisations should operate at only 30 percent capacity of their space

3. Schools:

a.) Parents and guardians should continue to ensure their children and wards comply with the safety protocols against Covid-19, especially the use of nose mask/face shield and regular washing of their hands.

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b.) Children must also be cautioned against unsafe practices such as shaking hands, hugging, sharing of materials and personal effects, visiting crowded spaces, etc.

c.) School Owners, Head Teachers and Principals will be held responsible for any infraction.

4. Transport:

a.) No motorcycle can carry more than two people, including the rider

b.) No mini-bus (korope) can carry more than five people, including the driver

5. Civil Service:

a.) Only civil servants from Level 12 and above are expected to report physically at their offices. Officers below Level 12 are expected to work from home with effect from Monday, January 25th, till further notice.

b.) Teachers, health workers and other workers on essential services, irrespective of Grade, are exempted from item 5(a) above.

c.) “No face mask, no entry” policy must be enforced in all government offices.

6. Hospitality:

a.) Eateries, restaurants, joints and bars should operate at 50 percent capacity and ensure adequate physical distancing of customers.

b.) “No face mask, no entry” policy must be enforced in every eatery, restaurant, joints and bar. Operators and attendants must also wear their face mask at all times.

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c.) Hotels must ensure that they follow all safety protocols, and must especially ensure that there are hand sanitizers in every room

d.) The government is not shutting down any business but only trying to keep everyone safe.

7. Markets:

a.) Every vendor or seller must ensure that he/she uses a face mask at all times

b.) Malls, stores and supermarkets must also enforce the use of face masks, and also organise customers in ways that allow social distancing

8. Enforcement:

a.) There will be a dusk to dawn curfew every day from 10:00pm till 5:00am

b.) Enforcement teams have been set up in every Local Government and Area Office across the State, to ensure strict enforcement of the protocols

c.) Any hotel, event centre, mall, joint or business that is found flouting the safety directives will be sealed, and will only be reopened upon the payment of a fine of N 250,000

d.) Churches and mosques found flouting the safety directives will he sealed, and will only be reopened upon the payment of a fine of N 50,000

e.) With immediate effect, the State is increasing its testing capacity across all local government areas. Citizens are enjoined not to be presumptuous in this matter, but to ascertain their status by taking a Covid-19 test. It is free!

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The state government wishes to reiterate that it won’t be business as usual going forward, as mechanisms have been put in place for strict enforcement of these guidelines.

If these guidelines are not strictly adhered to, or if the number of confirmed cases keeps climbing, the state government will be left with no choice than to impose a lockdown.

Citizens are hereby advised to cooperate with the government by taking personal responsibility for their physical safety and by extension, economic wellbeing. This is because the longer the virus stays with us, the greater its assault on our economy.

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