EdoBest: A mirage to education in Edo State

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It was indeed a win win win school inspection today as members of the Education committee humbly lead by the chairman leftist Sea Omoragbon, leftist Dickson John, leftist AimuaOsa Igbinomwanhia, leftist Chuks Irechukwu and leftist Danie.

l visited saint MARIA GORETTI JUNIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL in the early hours of today
By seven thirty (7:30) am we were already at the school premises. Yesterday morning , the Education committee Secretary got a call from a concerned citizen from Man Around Town allerging that the principal of Saint Maria Goretti mandated all students to pay the sum of One thousand five hindered naira for the empowerment of teachers and any student that refused to pay will be sent out of the school.

It will interest you to know that since the introduction of EDOBEST, all our public schools have suffered setback as the government whose primary responsibility is to protect lives and properties of their citizens have neglected their core responsibilities ,making the common man to suffer in order for the politicians children to rule over the common man children after they themselves must have finished with the common man.

It will interest you to know that in all the government school there are no teachers , this has been one of the issues we have been facing since the introduction of the mirage EDOBEST!

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Since the government has failed successfully in the aspect of Education, the principal and parents now came together and agreed to employ teachers in order to teach the students.

We were received by the acting junior school principal who narrated their ordeal since the assertion of EDOBEST, she said that instead of 37 teachers , they only have 13 teachers. It got to a point that the 13 teachers had to contribute money from their own salary to employ another teacher just to make sure that student have aces to education.

Just imagine for instance jss1 which have about eight arms and with a population of over eighty (80) students per arm with just two teachers, jss2 with just 4 teachers of about 15 subjects and even the jss3 which is the certificate class don’t even have teachers on the primary subjects.

She complained bitterly how the government has treated them despite the school population which nessecitated parents to insist on employing teachers themselves since the state government has failed successfully in discharging their duties.

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It was indeed a pitiable pissma disma and also a regrettable lukubious that the state government has no plan for the common man hence the refusal to employ teachers in our school.

Other issues raised by the principal was security, and the unsatisfactory act of EDOBEST on all the pupils graduating from primary school to secondary school which she nicked name ‘TIEBE”.

In other words the term TIEBE means Read Book although u can Google it for more clarification. She lamented how the new intake can’t even read after passing out from primary school.

In conclusion, we advised her never to interfere with any collection of money from students or parents but that whatever collection should be done by parents and not teachers and since parents have agreed to contribute the sum of One thousand five hundred naira per student yearly to pay teachers that have been employed by parents to teach the pupils, it must strictly be done by parents and on no account must any child be punished for inability to pay the stipulated amount .


Why has the state government refused to employ teachers but instead the government prefer channeling the money into the sport festival.
Why did the state governor refused to reply us after we asked him why he has not employed teachers in Edo state?

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Why is the state government playing politics with our children education ?
Why is it that it’s parents that are now employing teachers to tutor their children?
Where have we gone wrong?
Who did this to us?

How long will we continue to live as slaves in our own fathers house?
How long must we continue to suffer and smile?
These are questions begging for answers. ..

Education is never a dividend of democracy neither is it a privilege but a fundermental human rights of every citizen of the federal Republic of Nigeria, we will never rest until the last man is liberated.


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