How a young woman is making #30,000 daily in the mobile repair industry

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It has come to light how a young woman named Falmata Usman is making a name for herself in the mobile phone repair industry. Falmata hails from the Mafa local government area in Borno State and has managed to earn a staggering 30,000 naira per day by repairing phones.
What’s even more impressive is that Falmata learned this valuable skill while staying in a refugee camp, where an independent organization called ‘Plan International’ came to their camp to train women in phone repair.
Despite facing discrimination and gender biases in the market, Falmata persevered and overcame all odds to establish herself as a successful entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry.
She is now training other women in the business and is proud to have seen a lot of progress. People are now bringing their daughters and younger sisters to her to learn the trade, which is a tremendous achievement.
Through her business, Falmata is able to support her parents and siblings and has so far trained ten women. Her success is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and a willingness to learn new skills, regardless of one’s circumstances.
It’s truly amazing to see someone like Falmata breaking barriers and proving that women can excel in any industry they choose to pursue.

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