How Mr. Chuckwudi overcame business losses through Zenith Fire Insurance Policy

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From Moshood Olawale Karim

Mr. Chuckwudi had been running his own business for over a decade, a grocery store in the heart of Benin City.
He had always been proud of his hard work and dedication, and his business had flourished over the years, becoming a popular spot for the locals to purchase their daily groceries.
However, one day tragedy struck. A fire broke out in the store, quickly spreading and causing extensive damage.
Mr. Chuckwudi watched in horror as his hard work and livelihood went up in flames. The losses he suffered were immense, and he was left with nothing but ashes.
As he struggled to come to terms with the loss, Mr. Chuckwudi remembered that he had taken out a Fire and Special Peril Insurance Policy. He immediately contacted his agent at Zenith Insurance Company and was relieved to find out that his policy covered the damages caused by fire.

Thanks to his insurance policy, Mr. Chuckwudi was able to rebuild his store and get back to business. Without the insurance, he would have been forced to start from scratch, with no guarantee of success.
The experience taught Mr. Chuckwudi an important lesson about the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. He realized that having the right insurance policy in place was critical for protecting his business and ensuring that he could recover from any losses.
If you own a business or a property, it is important to consider taking out a Fire and Special Peril Insurance Policy.
Don’t wait until it’s too late, take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your assets today. As a wise businessman, you don’t need to wait again to learn from other people’s mistake. Call Moshood on: +2349028313757 today and buy necessary insurance policy to secure your business.

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What you should know about Fire and Special Peril Insurance Policy

Fire and Special Peril Insurance is a policy that provides protection against loss or damage to property caused by fire and certain associated risks.
The policy covers loss or damage to properties due to fire, lighting, limited explosion, and other special perils such as riots, strikes, lock-out, earthquake, storm, tempest and flood, among others.
The insurance policy offers various benefits such as providing for the cost of temporary accommodation, reimbursing the cost of rebuilding the damaged building, covering losses not resulting from fire, and covering the cost of removing debris.
It also indemnifies against malicious damage of your property (except during theft) and provides cover of up to 10% of the sum insured for contents temporarily removed from premises for repairs.

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While Mr. Chuckwudi was running helter-skelter to put out the fire that engulfed his business, in the process sustained an injury which seriously affected his right leg. He recalled that he had a Personal Accident Insurance as an extension to his Fire and Special Perils Insurance. This was taken care of by Zenith Insurance.
What is Personal Accident Insurance?
Personal Accident Insurance is designed to offer financial assistance in case of a severe fatal accident, injury, or disability.
The policy covers death, permanent, partial, or total disability and the cost of hospitalization. The cover is available to persons aged 18-65 and can be extended to cover the spouse and dependent children.
However, no benefit is paid if the insured survives the term, and renewals cover spouse and dependent children younger than 21 years of age. For more information on this, please call Moshood Karim on: +2349028313757

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