Obasanjo, Tinubu Should Caution Sunday Igboho Not To Go Against Nigeria’s Govt – Opinion

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Yoruba freedom fighter Sunday Igboho, said there is no basis for a single Nigerian, as insecurity spreads to the region.

He spoke on Wednesday at a press conference in Ibadan, asking all Yoruba youth to support Prof. Banji Akintoye in search of a Yoruban nation.

He said; “From now on, we don’ t want the Fulani Militants in our country to mess up our farms again. If we encounter Fulani Herdsmen, we will confront and destroy them. I will open all borders of the Southwest tomorrow, so that rice, cars and other goods can enter, Southwest is no longer in Nigeria. All Yoruba going north should come back, all Oba who don’ t support me will die. . . ”

The Nigerian federal government made a very significant decision to close its land borders on August 19, 2019.

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It followed focused discussion sessions on economic and national security issues. It was not an easy decision to make, not after analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the closure of all our national borders.

In August, President Muhammadu Buhari ordered the closure of the land border between Nigeria and Benin, preventing the importation of goods. The decision significantly affected trade in foodstuffs, which had already been affected by various past import restrictions.

This decision is part of an effort to fight smuggling and associated corruption, but also to stimulate the country’ s agricultural industry.

On 14 October, Nigeria ordered the closure of all borders between Nigeria and Benin, as well as all other countries, for the same reasons.

With the market for smuggled food now restricted, domestic food prices- already high have gone upwards and the economy of neighbouring Benin, a staging area for smuggling in Nigeria has been devastated. Imports into Nigeria must go through seaports, where tariffs can be applied more easily than at land borders.

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Nigeria’ s vital petroleum exports are unaffected.

Today, the sole Yoruba activist Sunday Igboho has vowed to open all borders in the Southwest which will be against the parliamentary procedure and policy of the Nigeria Government, and such action will come with a dire consequence.

Sunday Igboho’ s agitation for Ooduwa Republic ” Yoruba Nation” with ” VIOLENCE” might cause hostilities to be held between the Southerners and the Northerners, and I’ m sure the Nigeria Government won’ t sit and watch Sunday Igboho’ s new found resolution lead to an escalation of hostilities, he’ ll be hounded down and will be charged of treasonable felony because if his resolution have no chance of resolving anything, then the Nigeria Government will have no choice but to believe Sunday Igboho’ s resolution is under the guise of economic and political interest.

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That’ s why Southwest elder statesmen like Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Bola Ahmed Tinubu must step in, as a matter of urgency before Sunday Igboho’ s resolution lead to an escalation of hostilities and ethnic differences. Sunday Igboho needs to be cautious and guided. He cannot afford to be reckless, so a statesman like Obasanjo and Tinubu must warn him of radical decisions before it is too late.

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