Oh My God! Radio Journalist Fatally Shot During Live Programme

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In a tragic incident that took place on Sunday morning, 5th November, 2023, an esteemed radio journalist fell victim to a violent shooting while hosting his live programme.
This unfortunate event marks yet another distressing episode in one of the world’s most perilous countries for reporters.
The victim, Juan Jumalon, widely known as Johnny Walker among his listeners and online followers, was mercilessly shot by an unidentified assailant while broadcasting his show from his residence, which conveniently doubled as the headquarters of the renowned Calamba Gold FM 94.7 radio station.

In an alarming turn of events, the entire attack was broadcasted in real-time through a livestream of Jumalon’s programme. The footage captured the perpetrator entering the radio station, armed with a pistol. Without hesitation, the assailant approached the unsuspecting Jumalon inside his broadcasting booth. In a shocking display of violence, two shots echoed through the room, forever silencing the voice of the passionate radio host. As he lay helpless, the assailant callously snatched Jumalon’s precious gold necklace before making a swift escape from the scene.
Heartbreakingly, Jumalon’s senseless killing becomes the fourth instance of a journalist losing their life since Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. assumed the presidency of Philippines in June 2022. The wave of violence endured by media professionals in the country has sent shockwaves through the nation, as an environment of fear and insecurity now permeates the journalism landscape.

Tragically, Jumalon’s fate follows in the footsteps of other esteemed radio personalities who met untimely deaths, further intensifying concerns over the safety of journalists.
Last year, in October, the hard-hitting radio commentator known as Percival Mabasa, fondly referred to as Percy Lapid on-air, was brutally gunned down in Manila. Equally distressing was the stabbing to death of radio broadcaster Rey Blanco in Negros Oriental just a month prior.
Additionally, on May 30, the incessant violence claimed another radio announcer, Cris Bundoquin, who fell victim to a dawn attack by gunmen on motorcycles while opening his store in Oriental Mindoro.
The loss of yet another remarkable voice in the journalism industry highlights the urgent need to address the escalating threat against media professionals. The ruthless incident that unfolded during Jumalon’s live programme is a harrowing reminder of the risks journalists face daily simply for fulfilling their duty to inform the public.
As investigations continue, it is imperative that the authorities take decisive action to ensure justice for Jumalon and his grieving loved ones. Acknowledging and confronting the grave dangers facing radio journalists and media professionals must become a priority, as the nation collectively mourns the irreparable loss of such a valuable asset.

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