Risk management vital for Africa’s transition to cleaner energy- Tinubu

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President Bola Tinubu has emphasized the need for risk management in Africa’s transition to cleaner energy. Speaking on a panel on African Green Industrialization, President Tinubu highlighted the fact that Africa bears an unfair burden in the transition to cleaner energy despite contributing the least to global carbon emissions.
He called for urgent investments in alternative energy to enable Africa to effectively transition to a new global green economy while adapting to the disruptions that come with climate change mitigation measures.

President Tinubu urged global manufacturers to partner with Africa to invest in the health of the environment, pointing out that Africa’s massive potential contribution to the new green economy makes it an unrivaled opportunity.
He also highlighted the need for value maximization for Africa’s resources, stating that risk management is key for the continent. President Tinubu affirmed that Africa is moving forward with urgency to fully leverage its potential contribution to the new global green economy.

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