Ronaldo faces 99 lashes sentence for alleged adultery

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Football legend, Cristiano Ronaldo, is reportedly facing a possible sentence of 99 lashes for alleged adultery in Iran.
Reports from Iranian media, as per Mundo Deportivo, suggest that a group of lawyers in Iran have filed a complaint against the Manchester United star for a photo he took with an Iranian painter during his visit to the country in September.
According to the reports, Ronaldo had traveled to Iran with his team, Al-Nassr, to play against Persepolis in the group stage of the Asian Champions League when he met Iranian painter, Fatima Hamimi.
Hamimi had gifted Ronaldo a specially made painting, and during the photo session, Ronaldo kissed her on the cheek, hugged her, and gave her a signed shirt. Based on Iranian laws, any physical contact with a married woman that is not her immediate family member is considered adultery.
The lawyers claim that Ronaldo’s actions during the photo session with the painter are equivalent to committing adultery. The Iranian justice system has reacted swiftly, sentencing Ronaldo to 99 lashes the next time he travels to Iran, as reported by Iranian network Sharq Emroz, as per Mundo Deportivo.
However, it is also reported by Marca that the sentence could be forgiven by a judge if the acts are deemed not punishable or if Ronaldo shows remorse.
The Real Madrid star has not yet commented on the issue.

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