Bobrisky: “Whataboutism is the bane of reasonable discourse within the Nigerian space.”

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From Michael Adeosun
I have said this many times in the past. “Whataboutism is the bane of reasonable discourse within the Nigerian space.”
When Bobrisky was arrested by EFCC and prosecuted for abusing the Naira, many on social media asked: Whatabout other people who do same by spraying money at social functions?
They even went further insinuating that s/he is being persecuted for something else other than this offence which clearly contravenes Section 21(1) of the Central Bank Act 2007. That is however very typical of Nigerian netizens, deflecting from the main issue and focusing on non-issues.
Today, the EFCC arrested and presented Cubana Chief Priest, another socialite before a judge for similar offence. He was granted bail of N10 million, which he immediately met and was allowed to go home.
And the same set of people are online again asking why Cubana was granted bail but Bobrisky was not. They choose to forget that Bobrisky was also granted bail conditions which s/he was unable to meet.
And, need it be explained that Cubana meeting his bail conditions now does not mean that he is discharged and acquitted by the court? No, he still will need to appear before the court in a future date for trial.
Cubana Chief Priest will still have his day in court. And many other so-called socialites will still be brought to face the law for same or similar offence.
If only people understand the adverse effect this crass behaviour has on our society and the psyche of the youth, they would support the EFCC on this.
The law is the law and no one should be above it.

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