Why Senator Jimoh Ibrahim should take it easy and consider making a U-turn

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From Olowofoyekun Temitope Dadeowo

While elections in Nigeria and across Africa are not perfect, I personally reject any form of election manipulation and imposition. However, Nigeria is still developing, including its election system. It is important to acknowledge this as no country has flawless elections even in the Western world like the USA, UK, etc.
We are committed to growing politically and economically for the benefit of Nigeria and its people. This inequality is not just in Nigeria but in many parts of Africa and the world at large.
Sincerely speaking, Senator Jimoh Ibrahim needs to reconsider his actions. Every election has issues, including the one that brought him to power, which was marred by manipulation and imposition. Despite this, no one contested the outcome in court. I remember when the election was over, both the aggrieved members rallied around him to secure a victory for him.
Previously, elections in Ondo State, including the one during Governor Akeredolu’s time, were tainted by manipulation and imposition. Sadly, this is not unique to Ondo; it happens elsewhere, too.
Recently, Senator Jimoh Ibrahim has been vocal about electoral fraud in the APC primary election, which is surprising given his past benefit from similar fraud. He used coercion, imposition, and manipulation to secure his position, which was not fair to other party members.
Despite praising President Tinubu, Senator Jimoh Ibrahim is now criticizing the government’s policies and demanding the resignations of non – non-performing Ministers, acting as if he is their employer. However, the two ministers from Ondo State are performing well, and their names are already written in the good book of the country.
His political tactics of switching parties and causing disruption earned him a senate seat, but he should not expect the same treatment if he fails to achieve his political ambitions this time around.
Truly speaking, instead of attacking the APC leadership and outing to challenge the outcome of the primary elections, Senator Ibrahim should appreciate the opportunities the party gave him.
We, as party members, will call him to order for his actions and consider recalling him if he continues to harm the party’s reputation.

We are going to embark on the plan of recalling him very soon unless he stops embarrassing our party leaders both at the state and national level.

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