COVID-19: Some of the Vaccinated Are Becoming Aware They Have Been Duped

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Some that have been vaccinated have now become aware they‘ve been screwed and lied to and are flipping out and turning against the media, news broadcasters, Faucci and whoever else has lied and pushed the jab.

All those who sadly and tragically got the poison jab you were lied to but you didn’t want to listen to those who were pouring out their hearts and screaming at the top of their lungs for you not to take it. You thought it was all “conspiracy theories” and so you mocked us because we don’t know what we’re talking about and instead you trusted the “experts.”

Whatever reason you got the poison jab for, there is no good reason, because firstly the jab will destroy the human body. If it hasn’t affected you yet It’s just a matter of time for it to work inside of you. You took the bait from the lying government and media instead of researching yourself that more people have died from this poison jab than all other vaccines combined in the last twenty years and it’s only been a few months, and that more people have died from this poison jab than the “virus” itself. Main stream media hides all this from us and you blindly choose to believe their lies.

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And secondly the vaccinated are affecting those unvaccinated in which you believed the lies that it was the other way around. You’re now walking disease factories and you’re excreting stuff from your bodies from the poison jab you’ve received and spreading it everywhere you go. So there’s absolutely no good reason you took this poison jab.

You feared something that has a 98-99 percent survival rate and you had a God given immune system that could fight anything if you have taken care of yourself. You should have done your research and trusted God and prayed and studied Gods word-the Bible, but rather you wanted to trust in fallen and sinful man instead and be their obedient slaves.

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You could have avoided all of this and your eyes would have been opened to see the lies and your fear removed, if you just would have feared God rather than the virus and turned to Jesus Christ and repented of your sins and have been baptized. But you want nothing to do with God and the truth and this also goes for those that call themselves “Christians”who have accepted false doctrines and have fallen from the truth.

The spirit of lawlessness has blinded your eyes so you can’t see and has made you deaf so you can’t hear because you do not have a love for the truth and for the things of God. God has sent you a strong delusion because you don’t want to humble yourselves before him, and you don’t want to repent, so you have brought judgment upon yourselves!

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